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ellie. brooklyn, march 2013.

kate sweeney photography.

totally off topic, but, just because I’m sort of curious about this stuff - 

my traffic is way down, and I’m curious if it’s because 

a.) people are less interested in what I’m putting out there

b.) the fact that one artist (or perhaps a couple of artists) complained about their work being on my site has resulted in tumblr taking my page out of organic results (as a large part of the decrease is organic results)

c.) whether tumblr has stopped spending SEM $ on keywords which exist on the site or promoting new SEO now that they’ve been purchased. Why spend the marketing $ now the cash is in the bank?

It’s a great strategy - spend your VC money to build traffic on the back of porn with enough of a respectable veneer that you never have to rename yourself xtumblr, then tout enormous growth, pageviews, time on site etc, find a buyer who believes that the site and its users really do care about original content and source material and dream up a valuation based on that traction. As soon as the deal is done, stop spending on SEO and SEM, traffic drops, and everyone gets to blame the buyer for not supporting the site and the sense that it’s changed now that it’s in corporate hands.

Or perhaps this is the way to diminish the sense that the site is all porn - let the traffic to porn related sites dwindle until no one cares. Want to run a pornish blog? go right ahead, but no one is ever going to see it.  


Celia and Alex, Madrid, 2013

by / via clara roman

(via twostarhotel-deactivated2014092)

this is made for tumblr - i want to see the tumblr post of someone  commissioning karen with both the sext and the resulting image…

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce